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The Advanced Imaging System (AIS) is an OBSERV® 520 specific add-on upgrade providing additional functionalities. The AIS hardware and exclusive app features will enable you to broaden your treatment range with the multi-angle views and monitor treatment progress that were previously difficult to capture with a frontal view only. This exclusive upgrade will bring your consultation to the next level! This upgrade is available to all OBSERV 520 owners. Read more here.

Accolades for the OBSERV® and the OBSERV NZ Team!

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Award winning skin diagnostic device

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Multiple Light Sources

Observ® is the only skin diagnostic device to offer six different light sources for a detailed analysis

A revolutionary journey beneath the skin surface with the Observ skin diagnostic device features patented technologies

21st Century Technology

Use your iPad® with our full featured apps to capture images for your client records and before & after photographs
Image Capture Features

New Upgrade features for your Observ 520!


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