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Superior technology than conventional Woods Lamp type Skin Scanners

The OBSERV provides much clearer, more detailed images than conventional fluorescent tube UV devices because there is minimal light energy in the parts of the spectrum that create the fuzziness normally associated with fluorescent tubes.

​The precision, narrow band LED polychromatic light sources have an extremely long life span, so there are no lamps to replace-EVER! ​ The Daylight, simulated woods lamp and “True UV”     illumination modes have digitally adjustable intensity, making the OBSERV far safer than conventional BLB UV light sources.

​Along with software assisted "enhanced" filters that include cross and parallel polarized imaging, the OBSERV provides unparalleled detail of the skins surface and anomalies.

Using the different light sources

“irregularities revealed” 
The complexion analysis reveals in homogeneities in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and irritations. A homegenous complexion is the fundament of a beautiful skin. 
“a modernized classic” 
The light dermatologists and skin therapist are familair with.
​By adjusting the spectrum the distribution of ​skin secretions is
​revealed in colour.
“Fluorescence skin analysis” 
Skin abnormalities on the skin’s surface
​or in deeper skin layers’s create distinguishable fluorescence patterns and stand out from surrounding healthy skin. ​This mode is also used to track the health of sebaceous secretions, as the colour of these secretions is a powerful diagnostic tool. 
“Look into the skin” 
This function is used to look into the skin in more depth. With the skin’s surface shine suppressed, it is possible to view many of the dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammation, and pigmentation residing beneath the outer epidermis. Perfect for showing vascularity below the skin surface.
“Show the surface texture” 
​An enhanced view of the skin’s surface; fine lines,microrelief, wrinkles, texture and pores
“clinical evalution” 
​The skin as seen in an controlled natural daylight environment.
This feature is perfect for before and after photographs.